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Alabawan Border Ecotone
/ Land & Scape Studio:

In the project, I follow the viewpoint of “border
ecotone” to study an islet (Ho-Ping Island) that
leans the main island of Taiwan. Border is a line in the map but it is also a physical space which accommodates the confliction between culture and history. In the frontier, everything are dramatically weird in the common sense, no piece, and always dynamic. In the island, there have over ten races include Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, and other Aborigines. It is no idea which tribe is the main one in this island.

I renovated the community center which located in Alabawan, the place which connects Japanese Military Heritage and a tiny village in the mountain. By inserting series of walls as structure, they separate spaces for specific functions included kindergarden, community center, playground, and storages. The applied construction skills comes from local craft. Wood structure is harmony with local environment.